Waterproof TV

Stay Entertained in Your Bath

A Sight & Sound exclusive, WaterProof TV are designed to spoil you in the best way possible. As you soak yourself in the tub after a long day, we make sure you relax with your favourite TV Shows.

Why Us?
This splash of luxury is available in black, silver & white mirrored finish. Apart from your bathrooms, embellish your kitchens and open areas too, with a our waterproof TV. Size of the TV and the bathroom decor is understood thoroughly to create this piece of luxury with utmost care. A great blend of both makes this product a viable and attractive.

How We Do It?
Customised in every way, our client meetings enable us to manufacture the required size and colour of the TV, based on which we manufacture the product and, after it fits all criteria, we install the same.


Customised to give you a perfect blend of TV and your bathroom decor.

Customer friendly applications like remote control.

Luxury product made with precision and practical sense.

Exclusive Product & Service by Sight & Sound which attaches credibility & reliability.

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