Multi Room Audio Video Distribution

Different Tastes, One System.

Sight & Sound realises the importance of personal tastes and makes it possible for you to celebrate them at your own time. Lighten your mood with your type of music in any corner of your house whilst others at home are engaged doing the same. All of you will be connected to the same system but will be watching or listening to your personal favourites. With one remote control, as simple as a smartphone, revel in different forms of entertainment in different spaces of your home.

Why Us?
Sight & Sound works on an uncompromising design of entertainment spanning across your house leaving you completely fulfilled. With latest technologies like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Internet Radio, our multi room AV Distribution solutions give you access to your AV systems across the length & breadth of your house. We use affordable, but sophisticated, systems & easy-custom programming installations, which saves you the cost of a professional installer.

How We Do It?
Customised at every level, our multi-room AV Distribution solution is designed & configured based on the sound quality you desire with respect to the particular area. It is important to build the configuration when the house is in the early stages of construction, different phases of the site will need different detailing and we work towards making it distinct.


Easy Installations, Affordable & Customer friendly Systems.

Your kind of entertainment, your space, your time.

Meticulous configuration for site-specific experience.

Use of contemporary Wi-Fi enabled technologies.

Customised Solutions

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