Mirror TV

Luxurious, Yet Practical.

Mirror TVs are a Sight & Sound speciality and we work towards giving you this aesthetically pleasing and completely practical luxury application. Watch your favorite show, while you get dressed, with our Mirror Tvs.

Why Us?
Right from the size and shade of mirror and the size of the TV on the inside, every order is customized for your drawing room decor! We make it look it belongs to your home ambience, rather than an addition to it.

How We Do It?
Something as luxurious as this, needs precise measurements & efficient craftsmanship. The size of the TV, the shade of the mirror etc all such details are are taken into account to give you a stylish mirror tv which will blend with your current aesthetics.


Luxury at its best.

Ability to turn a normal looking mirror into TV anytime.

Care is taken to synchronise it with your current decor without compromising on your needs.

Works great inside a showroom/store or any other luxury commercial space.

Exclusive Service/product provided by us with phenomenal precision and appeal.

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