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The Extraordinary Life of Automation!

With Home Automation solutions Sight & Sound India, embraces at technology at its best and designs these solutions in a way that you can achieve accuracy, control & timeliness. Control, schedule and integrate all your devices at home and enjoy a stress-free lifestyle where everything happens at a push of a button. Energy-efficient and a great home automation service to the dependent and elderly will pave the way for extraordinary living.

Why Choose Us as Home Automation Company in Delhi, India?

We believe in a lifestyle which is practical, honors time and is inclusive of different people and their needs. Sight & Sound – Home Automation Company Delhi, acknowledges the pressures of a fast-paced life and also realizes the need for energy efficient solutions. Our home automation solutions prioritize your independence and time and give you focused control over your devices and their functionality. We encourage its use & application by the elderly and specially abled due to our belief in it.

How We Setup Home Automation System?
For better home automation, there is a possibility of every electrical device can be automated in your home. We begin by studying the site; every site will need a different solution and we also understand the devices which need automation. Home Automation solutions are configured whilst the house or premises is being constructed and our client meetings give us clarity on formulating the solution. Just call our expert team to set up affordable home automation system. Don’t forget to call us if you are looking for home automation Delhi & Gurgaon, India.


Monitor and control virtually every aspect of your home, including lighting, climate, appliances, audio/video equipment, security systems, shades & blinds, irrigation, energy management and more!

Improves convenience, comfort, energy, efficiency and security.

Our home automation solutions augment the quality of life for the elderly and disabled who might otherwise require caregivers or institutional care.

Thorough study of site which enables a distinct configuration & optimal solution.

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