Display Solutions

Display Solutions as Visual Merchandising

Display solutions have proved to be profitable and effective in a big way, and Sight & Sound offers to share their expertise in providing these visual merchandising tools. For commercial, open and institutional areas, the value a big screen display video wall can add, cannot be achieved by anything else.

Why Us?
We realise the value-add display solutions are capable of and apart from keeping in mind the client’s requirements the area and aspect ratio are also studied and a solution is designed accordingly. Our solutions are more seamless than the conventional video walls.

How We Do It?
Our client meetings give us clarity on their requirements and we work hand-in-hand with the civil workforce to understand the site and accordingly design the solution. We make it a seamless solution which also lends to visual appeal.


The Display Solutions make for sophisticated advertising format.

They can be used for multiple advertisements.

Customised at every level.

More seamless than conventional video walls.

Best suited for Mass publicity.

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