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It’s Time To Get Your Own Home Theatre!

Enjoy the thrill of a cricket stadium or get lost in your favourite movie stars. Sight & Sound’s custom home theatre brings you the magic of the big screen with designs that are functional and cater to an appealing & welcoming home environment. Our Signature & Classic Series Theatre designs, offer you our expertise and the scope to include your ideas to perfection. Don’t forget to inquire us if you are looking for custom home theater design and installation in Delhi & Gurgaon, India.

Why Us for Custom Home Theatre Installation?
Sight & Sound designs custom-made home theatres that meet your entertainment & aesthetic needs. By creating an enviable blend of customized interiors and powerful acoustics, our team of talented designers and exceptional craftsman work towards giving you a larger-than-life theatrical experience. Call Us now for custom home theater system setup and design.

How We Do It?
Our process is long, yet, endearing. Our meetings are detailed and emphasize on everything right from the site to the specific system needed for the site and other particulars like the budget, designs, visual & acoustic appeal, expected by the client. With Sight & Sound, it is not just another theatre-in-a-box, it is your own theatre customized with love.


Easy home theater Installations, Affordable & Customer friendly Systems

Your kind of entertainment, your space, your time.

Meticulous configuration for site-specific experience.

Use of contemporary Wi-Fi enabled technologies.

Customized Home Theater Solutions in India

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