Acoustics & Ambience Make an Auditorium

Schools, offices and other institutions respect spaces like auditoriums that inspire collaborations and dialogue, and enhance occasions and conventions with solid acoustics and pleasing decor. Sight & Sound has insight and expertise that transform these environments into AV friendly spaces and increase their utility value.

Why Us?
We understand the distinct Audio Video needs of auditoriums and have the technical know-how about seating arrangements, architecture, etc all of which have to be considered to design AV solutions.

How We Do It?
We visit the site and have technical expertise to gauge the kind of solutions the auditorium requires. Apart from serving the client’s needs, we also try and understand the architecture and the solutions which will blend into it. We try and customise these solutions to give you the best experiences.


Transforms experiences by Spacial, visual & acoustic enhancement.

Customised in every way by considering client’s and auditorium’s needs.

Makes for comfortable & engaging environments.

Use technical expertise to understand important nuances of auditorium’s interior and design apt AV solutions.

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